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Privacy Policy - F.A.Q "Can I use your music?"
Hi, I'm Phil!

I'm a freelance composer, sound designer and music producer from Vaihingen, Germany.

Growing up in a musical family, I started playing the piano by the age of two. In my early teens I  produced hip hop and pop music, but later on switched to playing keyboard in a rock band.

Being bored of sticking only to a single genre at once, I started composing music in a big variety of styles, discovered video game/film music composition and library/production music and started working as a freelancer.
A quick FAQ/Q&A:

Are you available for work?

I am looking for a audio production, editing, etc., do you do that sort of work?

Will you recreate *this* piece of music, so I don't have to pay the original creator?
No, I don't do exact sound-alikes or remakes (in terms of avoiding licensing fees and such).
I can make something with a similar mood and feel that fits your project though!

Will you work for free for me?
As much as I'd love to work on a ton of projects I enjoy for free, I can't.
I do low-budget work for small/personal/indie projects, also compensation doesn't always have to be money - if you have something cool to offer in return (like visual art, exposure to your audience, etc.) that could be an alternative.

Got any more questions? Feel free to contact me!
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